DRA Co-Chairman issues Montgomery, LA Notice to Proceed! ($100,000 grant!)

May 3, 2012

Montgomery, LA to Received $100,000 Emergency Investment

Chairman Masingill signs Notice to Proceed with (L to R) DRA Lousiana Alternate, Doyle Robinson; Executive Director of Kisatchie-Delta, Heather Smoak Urena; members of the Montgomery Town Council; and Mayor Suzy Waters.

MONTGOMERY, LA – Businesses and residents in Montgomery and the surrounding area receivde a major emergency investment in resources– targeting the rehabilitation of the sewer treatment system – Delta Regional Authority Chairman Chris Masingill announced .

The Town of Montgomery had been placed under a Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality compliance order. The Delta Regional Authority was notified by Governor Jindal’s office that emergency funding was needed, and the project was approved by DRA in March 2012. The Authority will contributed $100,000 in total investment for the rehabilitation of the Town of Montgomery’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.
This investment included components to:
• Upgrade the disinfection and aeration systems,
• Upgrade and improve chlorine injectors, diffusers, water pumps, air injection equipment and electrical work,
• Address compliance orders from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

Chairman Chris Masingill said, “Improving and upgrading wastewater infrastructure for our residents and businesses is key to economic growth. Investing in the development of our basic public infrastructure, including wastewater upgrades, will be a catalyst for creating good paying jobs and growing the economy of the Delta Region.”

Delta Regional Authority is congressionally mandated to identify and provide economic development investments to the 252 counties and parishes of the Delta. The investments come through the DRA’s States’ Economic Development Assistance Program. With 45 Local Development Districts as front-line project managers, these investments by the Delta Regional Authority support job creation and community development projects. Central Louisiana’s Local Development District is Kisatchie-Delta Regional Planning & Development District.

In the past ten project cycles, the Authority created over 7,000 jobs and retained nearly the same number of jobs — leveraging $1.5 billion in private investment with DRA projects and helping 19,200 families gain access to clean water and sewer service.