Louisiana Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Benefit from More Than $12.5 Million in New Investments through DRA

October 26, 2012

Delta Regional Authority Leverages Federal Resources to Support Entrepreneurs and Invest in Infrastructure to Create Jobs

Chairman Masingill: “Working to grow the economy and create jobs is our number one commitment to the people of the Delta.”

A new investment of resources aimed at Delta small business owners, entrepreneurs, and communities is designed to grow the region’s economy and create jobs, the Delta Regional Authority and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced October 16, 2012.

Louisiana’s Planning & Development Districts aided local governments and non-profit organizations with successful applications under the Delta Regional Authority’s States’ Economic Development Award Program to advance entrepreneurship, transportation/infrastructure, workforce development and related initiatives. The Districts worked with Doyle Robinson, Alternate (DRA-Louisiana), of the Louisiana Governor’s Office to advocate for these investments throughout Louisiana.

Fourteen new investments coming directly to Louisiana, from industrial park developments to programs supporting entrepreneurs and business development, leverage $1.7 million in federal resources into more than $12.5 million in total public and private investment for the Delta region, its people, and its future.



State # of Projects DRA Resources Leveraged Funds Total Investment
Louisiana 14 $1,734,437 $10,945,631 $12,680,068

Chairman Chris Masingill: “Working to grow the economy and create jobs is our number one commitment to the people of the Delta. These investments continue our commitment to paving the way for a better future, a better Delta.”


Congressman Cedric Richmond: “This is exactly the kind of investment Louisiana needs to position us as a national hub for business and commerce. I am committed to bringing support and resources back to the hardworking small businesses in the great state of Louisiana because their growth makes a direct impact in our communities. The success of our small businesses means job creation and a stronger tax base which supports funding for schools, hospitals and roads.”

Congressman Rodney Alexander: “The parishes and municipalities in our state are tasked with tackling a wide array of obstacles, and the Delta Regional Authority plays a pivotal role in helping these entities by providing a funding source that they otherwise would not have. This critical support will provide many with the means to make worthwhile improvements. It is vital we continue building upon this important partnership to strengthen Louisiana. We cannot afford to wait for economic recovery to find its way to us…we have to go out together and make it happen.”


The regional Planning & Development Districts will continue to work with the recipients to implement and report on the project investments and to encourage future applications under DRA’s SEDAP program.


Port of West St. Mary Industrial Park Development, St. Mary Parish, LA (LA3): The Port of West St. Mary plans to install water, sewer, gas tap/main, roadways, sheet piles, and dredge a slip on its Industrial Park site to accommodate interests of new business. DRA: $150,000; Total Project Cost: $8,344,435; Leverage Ratio: 50.6:1 (100 jobs to be created).

Video Game Incubator, Baton Rouge, LA (LA6): The Louisiana Technology Park will create a video game incubator which will result in the direct creation of jobs in Louisiana through business development and attraction/creation of new companies. The program will provide the physical tools, education, and mentoring needed to create a digital interactive media company. DRA $75,000; Total Project Cost: $113,960 (6 jobs to be created).

Cameron Local Enterprise Assistance and Recruiting (CLEAR) Center, Cameron Parish, LA (LA7): Winrock International will convene, recruit, and mentor entrepreneurs in Cameron Parish to prepare for a significant job and workforce influx that will support Cheniere’s facility expansion from 2012-2018. DRA: $375,000; Total Project Cost: $494,107 (30 people to be trained).

Grant Parish – Business & Resource Development Center, Grant Parish, LA (LA4): This project will renovate the current building for use as a business development and training center in support of entrepreneurs, workers, and job seekers. The center will provide all citizens and agencies an opportunity to come together to support growth-oriented entrepreneurship and other endeavors to enhance economic growth. DRA: $100,000; Total Project Cost: $375,000; Leverage Ratio 2.3:1.

SAPA Drive, Richland Parish, LA (LA5): This project will restore and enhance a road that serves an aluminum extrusion plant in Richland Parish. The renovation of this road will ensure the employment of an additional 20 jobs and the retention of 290 jobs of employees presently working at the plant. DRA: $250,000; Total Project Cost: $700,000; Leverage Ratio 1.8:1 (20 jobs to be created; 290 jobs to be retained).

Tensas Parish Police Jury, Tensas Parish, LA (LA7): The funding will aid in creating economic development opportunities in Tensas Parish area. The project will renovate a 40,000 SF building for Tensas Parish Port Commission operations. DRA $75,000; Total Project Cost: $999,000; Leverage Ratio: 11.3:1.

NOVA Workforce Development for Region 8, Region 8, LA (LA9): Creation of living wage jobs with benefits and a career path for residents of the Delta Region. DRA: $40,000; Total Project Cost: $426,355; Leverage Ratio 5.4:1.

West Carroll Parish Police Jury, West Carroll Parish, LA (LA5): Will repair landfill access road. The road is vital to farming operations and needed repairs are vital to the continued operation of the West Carroll Parish Landfill, Sanitation Department, and Recycling Department. DRA: $125,000; Total Project Cost: $287,603; (35 jobs to be retained).

Tensas Community Health Center X-ray Equipment, Tensas Parish, LA (LA5): Purchase x-ray equipment for primary care and dental x-ray equipment and dental software and computers to provide expanded diagnostic services to the residents of Tensas Parish. DRA $60,000; Total Project Cost: $136,016; (2 jobs to be created).

Caldwell Parish 911 Communications District, Caldwell, LA (LA8): The Parish needs enhanced 911/phase 2. Funding will allow for the purchase of computers to handle the large mapping software and allow consultants to do digital road centerlines, city limits, parcels, and parish boundaries. DRA: $40,000; Total Project Cost: $60,204.

Bolstering Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, New Orleans, LA (LA2): A nonprofit wet lab incubator will expand its technical assistance targeted at commercializing technology to biotech start-ups. This technical assistance program aims to foster a technology-driven economy in Louisiana. DRA: $70,000; Total Project Cost: $88,000.

Girod Street Infrastructure Improvements, New Orleans, LA (LA2): The project will fund the relocation and enhancements of public improvements (storm sewer, street lighting, etc.) to compliment a large retail development and downtown streetcar line extension. This project is critical for the development of the South Market and supports the envisioned retail and residential developments as well as generating jobs along the Loyola streetcar line directly connecting low-income neighborhoods within the city. DRA: $40,000; Total Project Cost: $850,000; Leverage Ratio 20:1 (293 jobs to be created).

St. James Parish Raw Water Intake Project, St. James Parish, LA (LA3): Funds will be used for the design and construction of a new raw water intake pumping station. The work included with this project is the installation of a new raw water intake line from the Mississippi River to the water treatment plant. DRA: $200,000; Total Project Cost: $390,000; Leverage Ratio 2:1 (5,551 families to be affected).

North Desoto Water System, De Soto Parish, LA (LA4): Will upgrade distribution system to improve potable water to current customers and meet growing demand for commercial customers for economic development and to attract jobs. The project will consist of drilling one new water well, a new booster station, and distribution lines for existing and new residents to provide adequate potable water in this high growth area. DRA: $134,437.56; Total Project Cost: $607,000; Leverage Ratio 2.2:1 (30 jobs to be created; 1,930 families to be affected).

The Delta Regional Authority is a federal-state partnership that is congressionally mandated to identify and provide investment to help grow the small business and entrepreneurial community in the 252 counties and parishes of the Delta. The investments come through the DRA’s States Economic Development Assistance Program. With 45 Local Development Districts as front-line project managers, these investments by the Delta Regional Authority support job creation and community development projects. In the past ten project cycles, the Authority created or retained nearly 17,000 jobs. They leveraged $2.2 billion in other public and private investment with DRA projects, trained almost 4,000 for a 21st century workforce and helped more than 25,000 families gain access to clean water and sewer service.