Resiliency Overview


Now is a critical time to support small businesses. Call, use Facebook or a website, or email to place an order. Order something that can be mailed or picked up. Is there any off-site work that can be completed by a small business?

As a small business, have you made sure your business’ contact information is accurate and that it is easy to place an order on your website or via your Facebook page? Are there any new products that you can offer at this time?

Economic Development Relies on Transactions

While we must be vigilant about the health of individuals, it is also critical mitigating how COVID-19 and necessary and prudent health practices create a new paradigm that demands creativity and resilience. This pandemic affects the health of not only people, but communities, businesses, and the workforce. We must all consider this as a way to stimulate our resiliency and support small and local businesses when possible.

All disasters are local. Ensuring that the information we follow is from credible sources and practicing resiliency can help us navigate COVID-19 now:

  1. Individuals, businesses, and communities all have a responsibility to follow state and federal guidance. Shelter in place, wash hands, and instill cleaning and disinfectant procedures.
  2. Thank you to our essential businesses for adapting quickly and maintaining consumer and other industries’ needs. Keep the workplace safe for your workers. Keep your records up-to-date and accurate. Those records will be vital in completing loan or other applications.
  3. Stay informed. Maintain communication while social distancing. Social media can be the quickest and easiest way to get and share information.



Louisiana’s experience dealing with national catastrophes from Hurricanes Katrina/Rita in 2005 and then Hurricanes Gustav/Ike in 2008 has positioned us within the nation’s consciousness for resiliency. Our local governments, non-profit organizations, businesses, and residents have all sought out sources of information for preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery. The Louisiana Association of Planning & Development District has organized some tools and information under “Resiliency” for public awareness and use. While some of these tools are direct resources, some are also tools to create and improve the capacity of governing jurisdictions, regions, the State and Federal agencies to have the ability and system pathways to communicate and partner for improved actions. Similarly, LAPDD’s eight planning and development districts have a memorandum of understanding in place. This allows our organizations the structure provide support for minimal interruptions in sister agencies’ functions and operations, and continuation of services to the local government constituencies, even in times if natural or other disaster. We offer our experience and activities for information and within the public domain for dissemination and use. Please explore the resources within this site. For direct assistance, please seek out your local development district staff for specific needs. (See the Contacts/Districts pages.)